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Besides keeping track of your numbers and reconciling them, we assist you in building your business by providing you with meaningful information. With our qualified team of certified CPAs, we offer customized services across the country. Our dynamic and flexible framework allows our clients to achieve the best possible results and benefits.

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meet Arash

I'm an active and experienced CPA. I'm always ready to provide a full range of accounting services, expertise, and guidance to assist you in achieving your most ambitious goals, whether you are considering starting your own business or expanding.

Arash H. Dahaj

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What We can do for you

West Valley Accounting  & Tax Services provides a full spectrum of individual & corporate tax, accounting, audits, compilations & reviews, and more

Individual and corporate tax services

We assist individuals and corporations in organizing their tax documents and determining the deductions they are qualified for.


Financial statement preparations

We draw on our team's expertise and experience to help you prepare compliant and timely financial statements and improve the quality of financial reporting.

Tax resolution

We understand that each business or family's tax resolution requirements are distinct. Our tax resolution services will assist you to better understand your alternatives.


State and local tax

With the support of West Valley Accounting & Tax Services professionals who monitor laws and regulations that influence you, you can face state and local tax difficulties head-on. By utilizing our appropriate tax procedures, you can reduce your tax burden.


Accounting services (bookkeeping & payroll)

We'll keep your books up to date on a daily/weekly basis so you can keep track of your financial situation. Our team will also handle employee setup and payroll.


Starting / dissolving businesses

Starting and closing a business can be stressful because it is a multi-step procedure. We are specialists in business start-up and business dissolution. We provide straightforward, jargon-free accounting assistance. No muss, no fuss!


Compilations & Reviews

West Valley Accounting & Tax Services produces financial accounts based on financial data provided and examines financial statements following professional standards to determine the accuracy of management assertions.



Our auditing services are intended to assist the public by instilling confidence and trust. Our diversified teams do high-quality audits while also innovating to offer our clients with transparency and value.


Employee benefit plan (401K) audit

West Valley Accounting & Tax Services team has developed a structured approach for 401(k) audits that is efficient and can be managed remotely to make the audit process more organized. 


Attestation engagements

You can rely on West valley Accounting & Tax Services to deliver reliable data to key stakeholders. Our professionals work closely with you to determine which engagement is most suitable for your business objectives.


Not-for-profit audit

A non-profit organization requires much more than just managing finances. You can rely on West Valley Accounting & Tax Services to help you meet legal and board requirements such as annual audits, financial statements, interim controllers, etc.


Tax and business advisory

Our tax and business consulting services include a well-thought-out strategy and approach. We rigorously assess financial performance and management procedures for your business & implement the right tactics.



How We Became West valley accounting & Tax Services?

West Valley Accounting & Tax Services has a diverse client base. We're here to assist you in your financial management, regardless of whether you are an individual, a small, or medium-sized business. We strive to provide authentic results, whether they're doing bookkeeping, payroll, or auditing for companies or individuals.

With West Valley Accounting & Tax Services, you can be sure to get the best possible answer to all of your financial and tax questions.

Besides reorganizing your company's finances, we also provide clever solutions to help you reach your financial objectives. We keep up to date with the latest technology and tools in accounting to provide accurate computations. The core values of our business are integrity, expertise, and trust to provide the very best possible options.

I Take Accounting Very Seriously. Giving Great Advice Is Our Duty.

Arash H. Dahaj, CPA
Founder Of west valley accounting & tax services
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